Look you can accuse me of being tight (a British term for someone who doesn’t like spending money), but I just can’t bring myself to pay full rates for a ‘Pool & Beach Pass’ at any of the hotels. So when I spotted the Qgrabs offer of half price access to the Marriott pool and beach I was landed (landed is a British term meaning happy). Normally costing QR 150 (week day) each it was only QR 75 with Qgrabs. Now when there are 3 of you, and it’s your shout (a British term beaning it’s your turn to pay), that’s a massive saving of QR 225.

Me and my boy were also a bit naughty and crept into the Spa area to take advantage of the wonderful jacuzzi, steam room and plunge pool, which I think aren’t included in the pool pass. My son was keen to try the whole steam room, sprint and jump into plunge pool thing. And that box is now ticked 😉

Ice Bucket Challenge @ Marriott Doha

Talking of plunge pools, another box my son was able to tick was the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. Which the staff of the Marriott were very happy to help facilitate. Thank you Marriott social media team for supplying the ice, water and bucket required to undertake this modern day phenomena (a general term for something new and stupid).

So a fabulous day, at a bargain price, with some hotel endorsed extras (and some not so endorsed).

Thank you Marriott Doha, thank you Qgrabs 😀