A new Multiplex for the Al Sadd Area

Last Thursday Vic and I popped along to Mirqab Mall to tryout the newly opened Flik Cinema. For us the opening of Flik is really good news as it’s very close to where we live and has loads of free basement parking. We went to watch ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ and paid just QR 35 each for their Gold seats (bigger seats that recline and have premium views of the screen). If we had gone for standard seats it would have been less at QR 30 each.

Flik Cinema - Mirqab Mall
Flik Cinema – Mirqab Mall
Price of snacks in Flik
Price of snacks in Flik

Snacks & Drinks

Popcorn was reasonably priced. We had a large caramel for QR 24 and it was large indeed. I actually had some left over at the end of the movie.

Price of Drinks in Flik
Price of Drinks in Flik

I ordered a large Pepsi but it was too small. Made the mistake of asking for large think I would get large, but large is small and XL is large if you get what I mean. If you only have two sizes then surely one of them is small and the other is large. Grrrr….

Vic wanted a bottle of water. But she ended up with a small Pepsi as well. Because Flik are being clever and are only selling expensive water. This makes me so angry. I refuse to pay QR 12 for a small bottle of water. Next time we will pop into Carrefour in Miqab and buy a small bottle of water for QR 1.5 before going to the cinema.



Jumanji a reboot of a classic that is better than the original

Loved the move. The new Jumanji was not what I was expecting at all. It was really, really good. Laugh out loud funny all the way through. And it wasn’t just Vic and I laughing, the theater was about 30% full and the majority were laughing with us.

It was easy for us to get to Flik in Mirqab Mall. It was easy to park in Mirqab Mall and indeed free. We watched a great movie at a really good price and had a thoroughly good evening. We recommend the cinema, the mall and the movie.

Would we go back?

We will be returning to watch something else there very, very soon.

The Miqab Mall Fountains
The Miqab Mall Fountains



The new Mirqab mall is still in its early days at the moment. Many retail units still yet to open and a cinema almost, but not quite ready to start accepting paying public.

On the plus side though, loads and loads of free parking spaces, a Carrefour that is not too busy yet, and the nicest McDonald’s I have ever been in. And of course there is this wonderful public space in the middle with lots of light and cooling fountains.




Parco Mall Doha opened its doors in July 2011 with some great features. It had Food World (supermarket) as its main tenant, several excellent independent retailers and an excellent food court.

Here is a link to the press release published on Qatar Living http://www.qatarliving.com/forum/qatar-living-lounge/posts/parco-mall-opens-today

And here is a link to Mr Q’s Vlog

I used to love this mall. At the time I was living in Abu Hamour and Parco Mall was a very welcome addition to the area. We were regular visitors to Popeye’s, Yellow Cab and the New White Oceanic Restaurant. We would also pop into Red Tag and Food World while we were there. It was a nice bright fresh mall with plenty to offer. Parking was a bit of a struggle, but we could normally find a space.

One of my main regrets is I didn’t photograph it when it was in its prime. I searched my library and I only have one image taken there. I never captured the hanging garden, and that was a really nice feature that looked fabulous.  And when I searched the net for someone else’s images to use, I discovered there aren’t any. In fact, there are just a handful of images all of which weren’t worth publishing here as they were like my single image, just of people eating in the food court.

My only image taken at Parco Mall is of the beautiful Victoria playing with her new (state of the art then) Nokia Lumia phone in the food court.

In May 2012 Dar Al Salam Mall in Abu Hamour opened its doors. And I believe that this immediately started detracting from visits to Parco.

Carrefour Dar Al Salam Now Open
Dar Al Salam Mall in Abu Hamour opened it’s doors in May 2012

Over time more and more facilities started opening in and around the area and there started to be changes to the vendors in Parco Mall as some retailers left, and others arrived.

We continued to pop in now and again to enjoy the food court, but one by one the changes there meant less and less outlets that we liked. And today the only reason we go, is for the New White Oceanic Restaurant. An excellent value Sri Lankan eatery that offers an unlimited buffet for just QR 9 per person.

The New White Ocean Restaurant
New White Oceanic Restaurant. One of the best things in what was Parco Mall. Still going strong and still doing good business. Only QR 9 for unlimited lunch buffet. Delicious and such a bargain. I still love going here.

There was a name change not so long ago. The signage for Parco Mall came down, and the name Quality Mall went up. Food World got replaced by a Quality Supermarket and more and more units became available.

Then more recently, all the signage came down. Now the mall has no name and no supermarket as Quality have vacated the location as well.

Now the whole building is looking very sad. With so many units boarded up and empty. It’s such a shame to see it like this. But I guess the building is finding it difficult to be financially viable.

I hope that there is plans to renovate and reinvigorate. We will continue to go for food at the New Whit Oceanic, and perhaps I can write something nice about improvements there in the near future.

In the Philippines you will find a Jollibee on every street corner. And now they are expanding all over the world to wherever there is a high population density of Filipino families.

Jollibee Dar Al Salam Mall
The new Jollibee openning in Dar Al Salam Mall

With their offerings of burgers and fried chicken meals that have a distinct Filipino twist, they bring to Qatar a real taste of home to thousands of overseas workers and their families from the Philippines.

Jollibee Dar Al Salam Mall
The new Jollibee openning in Dar Al Salam Mall

These days Mc Donald’s and KFC have started to appear everywhere in the Philippines as well. But Jollibee is still by far the favorite taste for Filipinos. As demonstrated in the above image where there is a big cue for Jollibee and just one person standing at Mc Donald’s.

Jollibee Dar Al Salam Mall
The new Jollibee openning in Dar Al Salam Mall

Personally I am not a Jollibee fan. I prefer Mc Donald’s burgers and KFC chicken. I can eat Jollibee, but if there is an alternative close by, I will take the alternative. However Filipinos can’t get enough of Jollibee and they will walk past other brands to go to Jollibee.

I think this is the 3rd branch to open in Doha, and I’m sure it will do very well indeed. The food court in Dar Al Salam is always very busy, and Jollibee is a great addition for those seeking a taste of home.