It’s Wednesday 6th of May, this is the news in 60 seconds

In The Peninsula today – The Ministry of Public Health is going to carry out 2,500 random COVID-19 test. Volunteers will be selected randomly based upon age, gender and ethnicity. And will be invited by text message to attend one of three drive through swabbing hubs. They will answer a questionnaire and have nose and throat swabs taken. The aim of the exercise is to gain more insight into community transmission and A-sympto-matic cases. Which will in turn inform policy decisions.

The gradual reopening of the quarantined Industrial Area continues today. With the reopening of streets 1 to 32 for company staff. Material will also be allowed to move, but will require preapproval first.

Qatar’s COVID-19 mortality rate among the lowest in the world at just 0.1% of reported infections.

And Qatari sea ports saw a 247% rise in general cargo during April.

And finally

The Ministry of Public Health Tweet on COVID-19, 951 new cases, 114 Recoveries and no new additional deaths.

The Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Wednesday 6th May 2020

Read by Brian Candy – Twitter: @iCandy_pw

Sources @PeninsulaQatar  @HMC_Qatar @MOPHQatar

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Sources @Qatar_Tribune @PeninsulaQatar @GulfTimes_Qatar @HMC_Qatar @MOI_QatarEn @MOPHQatar @qatarairways

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