The Reboot Book CoverSo I bought the book. And I have read the book. There are a couple of interesting sections in it, but to be honest, I can’t justify the £8.99 (QR 47) I spent on it. The film was amazing ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead‘ and I recommend that everyone watches that. But the book was a bit of a let down 🙁

Firstly there are no plans included in the book. Sure you can download 2 free plans from his website but I was hoping that for £8.99 I was buying everything I needed to get going. Instead it would seem that this book is what it says on the cover, a recipe book. My mistake I should have bought a different book of his. Am I going to… NOPE! He has had my money and he’s not getting anymore. These are short books. Just stick them all Rebooting 101together and charge the £8.99 I paid for this one please. That would represent good value. I understand Joe needs to make money as he is a business. But his books and his websites are too much about making him money, and not so much about doing the good work his original film portrayed. This book lacked photos and illustrations and had the feeling of a budget publication.

Frustratingly I found his free PDF magazine Rebooting 101 far more informative, easy to read and it had some nice pictures as well. Much better than the book.

Here in Qatar it’s not going to be too easy to locate all of the ingredients listed in his recipes. No problem because he has a substitution guide at the beginning of the book. But when I looked up Kale it gives you possible replacements but not replacement quantities.

Substitution Guide Clip

So in his recipe Joe’s Mean Green he lists the difficult to source here in Qatar kale as needing 6-8 leaves.I can replace Kale with green cabbage but that’s not available all the time, or spinach, but I think that is going to have to be frozen as I can’t regularly find fresh spinach leaves here either. And I’m going to have to play around Joes Mean Greenwith the quantities myself as there is no indication as to how much spinach is required to replace 6-8 kale leaves. Anyway I will at some point play with Joe’s Mean Green and let you know what my Qatar version turns out to be once I have decided which juicer to purchase.

In summary ƒ8.99 could have been saved by simply downloading his FREE Rebooting 101 PDF available from his website. The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet Recipe Book is a premium priced book with poor content in my opinion.


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