Having experienced their awesome Thursday Seafood Night, Victoria and I decided to return and try out the Tuesday Turkish Nights at the Village Midmac.

I will actually start in reverse by summing the night up as “Outstanding Value“. At only QR 145 per head you are going to be challenged to find this quality and quantity of fabulous Turkish food, in such a wonderful setting, along with the Village’s excellent service, anywhere in Qatar.

Medi Grill dressed for Turkish Night
The Village Midmac dressed for Turkish Night

Before I move onto the food, I just want to repeat again what I said about their Seafood Night which is also held in their Medi Grill section. One of the things I love about this restaurant is it’s spacious layout with plenty of space between tables and un-cluttered feel. And for their Turkish Nights they have dressed the restaurant and it’s staff beautifully to reflect the evenings theme.

Included in the fixed menu Turkish Night is a welcome drink and also either a soft drink or a bottle of water, which is served on arrival.

So the meal begins with a tasty Mercimek Corbasi soup (lentil soup with cumin and croutons). So, so tasty with just a hint of cumin. Learning from her experience on the Seafood Night, Victoria elected to only eat half of her soup, because she knew there was much more to follow. Something that made me very happy because I took over and polished off her soup for her.

Mercimek Corbasi Soup
Mercimek Corbasi Soup

Next came the starter. We knew there was going to be a lot, but when this arrived we didn’t think they were going to stop putting food on the table.

Turkish Nights - Starter

Ok here we go, there is Hummus, Acili Ezme, Patlican Salatasi, Cacik, Icli Kofte, Su Boregi, Turkish Bread, Lahmacun and Beyaz Peynirli Pide. I think that’s all of it.

Turkish Nights - Starter

Remember that there is only two of us, and there is still another two courses to go yet!

What a feast. For me the highlight was the Patlican Salatasi (eggplant salad) which was so tasty when eaten with the Lahmacun (minced lamb with tomato, pepper and onion). The Hummus was a little too garlicy for my taste, but Victoria enjoyed it. I was very surprised how much of this we managed to eat. Basically it was so nice it was difficult to stop. Something I knew we were going to regret when the main came out.

Turkish Nights - Main Course

When the main arrived the smell was the first thing I noticed. The aromas coming from the meats and rices was simply delicious. And when we started to eat Victoria commented that we didn’t need to travel to Turkey, Turkey had come to us.

Turkish Nights - Main Course

I was starting to fill up very soon. But the meats were just sumptuous and I kept going until the end, only leaving a little rice. The lamb chop was so good that I only had a little taste of it before Victoria decided she needed more (mine) and of course being a gentleman I let her have it (Grrr…). The chicken was full of flavor marinated with aromatic spices and was so tender it melted in my mouth. And of the three rices the orange one in the middle was my favorite with a lovely tomato tang. Now out of the two of us, 20170118_063945Victoria is the rice expert. And she loved the rice so much that she needed to get the secrets of cooking it from Chef at the end of the meal.

Victoria had met her match half way through her main course. So once again we were going to be taking home a pleasant reminder of the night to enjoy the next day.

As on the Seafood night, we decided that we were so full we would move to the Deli section and have a coffee (also included in the meal price) to wait for our food to go down a little before moving on to the dessert course.

Turkish Nights - Dessert

Traditional Turkish ice cream and baklawa. Actually being a light weight, Victoria had already announced that she was so full she was going to skip dessert. But once she tasted the ice cream, she couldn’t help herself and had to finish it.

As an added bonus for me, Chef decided that I simply had to taste his home made pistachio ice cream as well.

Home Made Pistachio Ice Cream

He wanted an honest opinion of his freshly made, home made pistachio ice cream, and I was only too happy to help. And my opinion was a big thumbs up. Instead of being completely smooth, Chef had added finely chopped pistachios as well. It’s what I described to him as the Ben & Jerry’s version of pistachio ice cream. As Ben & Jerry always have bits in.

Once again Victoria and I had a fabulous night. We have been made to feel so welcome in the Village Midmac, and it’s always so nice when the Chef comes to front of house to talk to his customers.

Chef Moiz & Me
Chef Moiz Executive Chef for the Village and Me having a selfi

I even got a selfi with Chef Moiz who is the Executive Chef at the Village Midmac. It’s the nice touches like this that make you feel so comfortable where you are dining, that you simply know you are going to be going back again some time soon.




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