NOTE: It’s no longer free to park in the long stay. Now it’s QR 2 per hour, QR 45 per 24 hour.


Here is a video to help you find the Long Stay

Directions to HIA Long Stay Car Park Video
Two min Video Directions

And here are step by step instructions

HIA Long Stay Car Park Directions 1
1) Move into the left lane

HIA Long Stay Car Park Directions 2
2) Turn left

HIA Long Stay Car Park Directions 3
3) Turn left again

HIA Long Stay Car Park Directions 4
4) Yes this left turn 😉

HIA Long Stay Car Park Directions 5
5) Stay in the left lane and then filter turn left

HIA Long Stay Car Park Directions 6
6) You have reached your destination 😀

Long Stay Car Park is still free at the time of writing this article. Now catch a shuttle bus and enjoy your flight.



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  2. Pablo Mejias Reply

    Excellent help Brian ! Thanks a lot for your cooperation !

  3. Hi! Do you recollect for how many days is the long term parking allowed?

    • I have no way of knowing. I will be using it again in 2 weeks time and I will post back if it is still free. But I have to say I believe it will still be free. There is no barriers or payment machines there, or at least there wasn’t 2 weeks ago.

      • Now December 12, so did you use the long term park again? help us if there is any different …

        • Yup used it 2 months ago. Still the same, still free. And I have read in their tweets that it’s still free now. Which makes me happy as I will be using it again next week.

          Remember to add at least 40 minuets for shuttle transport to the terminal. They have not been that frequent for me in the past.

  4. That’s a real nice one. I would have got confused out there. This is quite helpful. Thanks Brian.

  5. Naveen Shetty Reply

    Hi Brian,
    Thank for writing a blog on useful info.. Really informative.
    Any idea whether still long term car parking is free? and if yes, is there any time duration for the parking of our vehicle. This weekend i’m travelling outside Qatar for 8-10 days and if it is free of cost, would like to experience this service.

    • Hi Naveen, to my knowledge it’s still free. I have left my car there for nearly 3 weeks with no priblems. Just add at least 40 mins on top of what you normally allow because the shuttle busses arent very regulat

  6. Hi Brian – many thanks for sharing this info, based on your site I used the long-term parking this weekend and as of today (10 March 2015) it is still free. Very easy to find and use the parking, the buses are frequent and it’s a short trip to the terminal.

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