I have been so, so busy since Sunday, and as such unable to sit down and write my report on my visit to the Podiatry Clinic (foot clinic) in Hamad until now.

Hamad General Hospital Entrance
Hamad General Hospital Entrance

I cannot do anything but praise HMC for the quality of service I received. From arrival to departure I felt welcome and well looked after. The consultation seemed to confirm my thoughts, that I have a muscle injury not an orthopaedic problem. An MRI scan has been booked to confirm this, following which the best course of treatment can be established. The doctor seemed knowledgeable and he gave me complete confidence in his expertise.

A nice big stockpile of painkillers was prescribed, and I am now looking forward to my MRI to get to the bottom of this issue.

Thank you HMC for providing a fast, courteous and productive service. Drawing parallels with the UK’s NHS I would prefer HMC by far. For a start I didn’t have to mortgage my house to pay for hospital parking, for a second I was seen well within my expectations which I doubt would be the case with the NHS.

If you read some of my older posts you will know I am very capable of moaning. But this is a happy content and grateful post, and I hope HMC can continue with their excellent work.


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