11 years ago (2007) I came to Qatar for a 3 day business trip. This is my photos from that visit.

Unfortunately during this visit I had very little time to look around Qatar. Our driver just made a couple of stops for us to jump out and grab some shots. And my camera was very basic with quite a low resolution. Also I didn’t really know what I was shooting. Obviously in hind site I would have loved to have taken many more photos of things that would be really interesting to look back on now.

One of the shots is of Katara before the ground was raised in front of it. There is a couple of Zig Zag (Lagoona) Towers while they were still under construction, and of course a number of shots taken in the city. We also had a brief excursion to Barzan Towers so there are a number of images of the towers and also a couple taken from the top of Barzan Towers showing the area surrounding them. Which these days has been fully developed.

We were staying in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and I snapped some shots of the reclamation of land which is now Lusail from my hotel window.

An interesting project would be for me to return to these exact locations and take the same shots again for comparison. Perhaps one day I will get around to it.



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