Back in March I was privileged to have a tour of the top of Burj Doha. The tower was built for H.E. Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohamed Bin Ali Al-Thani and was completed in 2012. Deigned by Jean Nouvel the tower is one of the many iconic buildings to be found in Qatar’s West Bay area.

Unfortunately in 2014 Sheikh Saoud passed away at the young age of 48. And work inside the top of Burj Doha stopped. Thus in March 2019 it looks the same as it did back in November 2014.

A view inside the top of Burj Doha in 2019

The private area which includes a swimming pool is accessible only by a private express elevator direct from the ground with no stops. The image below shows a model of how things could have looked. Featuring the display of art and a a library.

Model of how Burj Doha could have looked
A walk around the catwalk at the top of Burj Doha

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