Coffee shops in Doha are easy to find. There are many types here, from global franchises to quirky locally owned places. You will certainly not miss out! However the price of your favourite coffee in Doha may seem expensive. Especially compared with other cities. So if you fancy a reasonably priced cuppa where do you go?

Fear not Qatar Quick has the answer. Read on.

Only five minutes walk from DECC metro station, opposite the Tornado Tower – you will see Monoprix supermarket. Monoprix is a French supermarket with several branches in Qatar. In my opinion, they also sell the best croissants.

Just next to the entrance, look left and you will see a red Volkswagen camper van with no roof. Might sound strange, but this is a coffee shop. They sell a range of their own Monoprix coffee from QAR 12 upwards. Not only that, they also sell tea, soft drinks and water as well as snacks.

Photo shows Monoprix Coffee Shop
This is actually a coffee shop!

There is a range of seating to choose from and if you go at night the lighting is awesome. Drinking coffee sitting among the skyscrapers is cool, but admittedly the street view is not amazing.

However its well worth checking out if you are in the area.

Shows seating area at Monoprix Coffee Shop
Simple seating options but comfortable

From here, its a short walk to the awesome Qatar Corniche. So why not visit at night and enjoy a stroll after.

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