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NOTE: It’s no longer free to park in the long stay. Now it’s QR 2 per hour, QR 45 per 24 hour.

HIA Long Stay Car Park Rates

For some unknown reason HIA don’t want you to know where their Long Stay Car Park is. But I sneeked in there this afternoon and drove around and around until I figured it out. So…. here is the secret they don’t want you to know:-


Look for the yellow “High Vehicles” signs. These are what you will need to follow.


Follow that yellow “High Vehicles Exit” sign and go first left on the very left. Do not follow any of the signs to the car parks as they are all short stay.


Keep following the yellow signs, keeping right this time.


you will take a 90 degree left bend and then go straight ahead.


When you reach this sign, don’t go right for the exit, turn left.


Your there…. YAY!!!


Free Long Stay Car Park at HIA

Now head for the big ‘J’ this seems to be where they are picking up from.

Hamad International Airport, Long Stay Shuttle Bus

Oh by the way, Long Stay is free still at the moment!

I will let you know more after I have tried this out tonight.



  1. Nice one – I have been asking for a while now and only today got told you have to enter via the short term parking and they direct you through to long term? not sure if this is correct but that’s what they told me only today? Thanks again for the post

  2. The day I went to research this I went to the short stay for directions, and they sent me to completely the wrong place. That’s why I ended up driving around taking these photo’s. Follow the yellow signs, follow my directions, and you will be parked up and on your way to the terminal on a shuttle bus in no time.

  3. Anybody know where the bus goes FROM at the terminal TO the long term…?

    • There is a bus terminal there at one end of the main building. Just follow the signs in the airport terminal to that and ask which stand goes to the long stay.

  4. Thank you for better direction I been searching for this details

  5. Amazing photo shots I must say. Saved me at least and hour of uncertainity and unneeded hassale.

  6. hi brian how long is the maximum stay, months, days, hours? your response is highly appreciated thanks.

    • Too be honest I don’t know. I don’t work there. However there is no barriers no ticket and nothing other than a sign saying free parking. And some cars have enough dust to indicate a month on them.

      Hope this helps.

  7. mohamed ali Reply


    I just got back from the Eid break to find my car no longer parked. Flight arrived late pm so I’ll have to follow up this issue in the a.m.

    More than just a minor inconvenience as I expect to be bounced around a myriad of departments. Car was parked for a total of 12 days!

    Looking around for a number to call I came across this one.40107348

    Will give word once I’ve determined this was a one off.

  8. Hi Brian ,
    Thanks a lot for work and effort You made just to save others time and nervous. As Im planning to leave for Christmas , hope that parking is still will working in that time. What Y can do if after arriving to the parking ,it will be not possible to left car , and departure is in 3 hours ? Hope that this will not happen . Once more thanks for good job . Jaroslaw

    • Personally I would allow 4 hours for a flight that important. I always allow 4 hours for long haul and 2 – 3 hours for the likes of Dubai. Sometimes you can park and be on a bus within minuets, and sometimes it can be a panicky 30 to 40 minuets to get a ride to the terminal. But hey it’s free so I’m not going to complain (much). Have a great Christmas vacation, cheers Bri

  9. Thanks a lot Brian. do you know if it’s still free of charge?

  10. Hi Brain, how long did you try leaving your car? someone here mentioned that his car was taken after only 14 days of travel, please advise?

  11. Capt. Himanshu Marwaha Reply

    Appreciate your follow up Brian. i am going to leave mine for 2 weeks hope everything remains as you detailed. Cheers

    • Probably better to ask the airport if it’s still free. But I expect it will still be as they are not indicating that anything will change soon.

  12. Hi Brian, How to bring big luggage when arrive from arrival terminal to this car park when alone ? Is it possible to bring big luggage into the bus? Thanks…

    • Look it’s not easy, but it can be done. There is no limit on the amount of luggage you can bring on the shuttle bus. But you will probably have to load and unload it on the bus your self. I have found if you are unlucky enough to land during a shift change at the airport, there are a lot of staff using the same shuttles and it’s difficult to get you and one case on. But at most other times there shouldn’t be a problem. And remember, it’s free, so a little hassle is bearable 😉

  13. Boss Chief Jhay Reply

    As per the Gulf Times news paper they will imposed fee for the long term parking this coming months. So enjoy the freebies until it lasts.

  14. Brian Wilshaw Reply

    There in April & will leave car for 10 days. Anyone know if it’s still free? or if the access has changed?

  15. Hi Brian! Just wanted to thank you. Your directions are just great. I used the free long-term parking a couple of weeks ago (still free by the way and does not look like it’s gonna change any time soon). I found it easily thanks to you. The bus service is very easy. I didn’t wait for long. I would like to add that the bus service and parking feel really safe. I am a lady and I returned to Doha in the middle of the night alone. The bus driver dropped me right in front of my car and the parking is under surveillance.
    I recommand this option whenever you want to avoid bothering friends to drive you to the airport. Again, thanks a lot Brian.

  16. Matthew Cullen Reply

    30th March 2015 – still free and extremely efficient. I approached along the F-ring so the directions were different – even easier, in fact. Look for the same yellow “High Vehicles” sign and exit there (also signed to “Rental Cars”). Turn left under the road, then first right (still signed “Rental Cars”), and you’re there! I went at 3 AM and there was a bus waiting as per the photo above (except it was dark…). As soon as I got on I was taken to the terminal in five minutes and dropped right outside the side entrance door.

    To get back to the car-park (someone asked) you need to turn right in the arrival hall (after exiting customs) and walk to the end. When you exit the building the bus stop is right in front of you. Then look for a bus with a paper sign saying “G, H, I, J” since you want J car park. Or “Staff car park” – I think it’s the same thing. They usually stop at stop #2, not #1 (although #1 says “long-term car park”).

    Thanks to Brian for posting this, it made all the difference to a smooth trip.

  17. Anybody knows where the hertz rental car retourning is? Ground Level, Departures, Arrivals?
    Thanks for Information.

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