Well all good things must come to an end. And the free parking enjoyed in the HIA long stay has ceased to be. Unfortunately it’s a little more expensive than I was hoping for. QR 2 per hour, and QR 45 per 24 hours.

Long Stay Car Park Entrance

I’m planing a 10 day trip soon, and that would cost me a massive QR 450 while I am away at QR 45 a day. And that stings just a little too much for me.

HIA Long Stay Car Park Rates

Of course I could just do what these guys are doing and park on the road. The cars in these images are all parked. You are not looking at a stream of traffic frozen by my camera, they are all driver-less. They have all parked on the road and walked in I guess.

Doha Airport Cars Parked on Road

Doha Airport Cars Parked on Road

But I will probably just take a cab. Which is what I guess a lot of other people are doing as the long stay car park is looking very shall we say empty these days. When it was free it was really well used, and there were no cars parked on the roadside. A more reasonable price would have been a better option in my honest opinion. It’s a fabulous facility, with lots of security roaming around and air conditioned shuttle bus waiting rooms. Just a little too pricey for me. Which is good news for the taxi companies.

Empty HIA Long Stay Car Park

Oh and if you plan to pop along to check out the car park in advance of travelling, be aware once you drive in, it’s QR 2 even if you come straight back out. My 6 minuet stay was QR 2, which I didn’t mind paying to find out how everything works and grab these images.

HIA Long Stay Car Park Reciept


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