Stuck for something to do on your day off. Why not pack some snacks, fill yer tank with petrol and head up north to the abandoned village of Jamil.

Driving within the speed limit you can get there from the centre of Doha in around one and a half hours.

You can explore the ghost town and get some great photos. But please be very respectful to the location. Don’t be selfish and cause any damage that can ruin this errr…. ruined village any further.



    • Brian Candy Reply

      No we did not get a permit. And in fact didn’t notice the sign saying we needed one until we were leaving. The day we went there was no security and there were several other families wondering around taking photographs.

  1. Do we need a permit for entry to this place ?kindly clarify, we are planning to head to this place

    • Brian Candy Reply

      The sign says you need a permit. When we went we didn’t have one. In fact we only saw the sign when we were leaving not on the way in. No one challenged us. And other families were wondering around as well. It’s well worth a visit. But I can’t guarantee anything. We didn’t even know it was there when we went. We just stumbled upon it. Sorry I can’t help more.

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