New easy way to use your Online TV Box’s without a VPN Router!

Ok so I have written about getting UK and US TV content here in Qatar before. And to use devices like NOW TV or Amazon Fire TV here you need a VPN Router. The Routers are hard to get in Qatar, and either involve paying a lot of money or getting someone who is a tech-head to sort it out for you. And VPN Routers tend to be slow causing buffering issues in the middle of something you are watching at certain times of the day.


I have now found a much better way of doing it. No VPN! Instead you use something called Magic DNS. This gives you the full bandwith ooredoo or Vodafone are supplying you with to stream your TV channels. It’s super fast with no buffering. I can’t tell you how much better than VPN it is.

Ok it’s not free, it costs $40 (QAR 142) a year. But you can get a totally free 7 day trial by following this link Magic DNS then click on the Magic DNS link at the top of the page.

It’s super quick and easy to setup with no hardware to purchase (well as long as you know the Admin password for your existing router that is). But if you are having any problems get in touch with Barzan Digital located in Al Jazeera st, Bin Mahmoud, Doha and they will sort you out. They can even register you for Magic DNS using cash if you are having problems making payments online. And can help you configure your existing router if you are having problems with that as well (but I repeat, you must know your routers Admin password).




  1. Nathaniel Milsom Reply

    Hi, I’ve recently moved to Qatar and I’ve found your blog quite useful.

    Just a question regarding the TV setup… will I have access to sports coverage (rugby, EPL soccer etc) if I follow the setup you recommend.


    • Whatever you have legal access to in the UK online, you will have access to here online. It’s just as if you were in the UK watching stuff online with all the UK providers. So if you have a NOW TV or SKY subscription in the UK, you will be able to watch it here.

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