Old Images of Qatar

There is an area in Old Doha Port that has had hoardings (a large board on the outside of a building or at the side of the road, used for displaying advertisements) placed around it. Behind the hoarding they are building some kind of ‘model village’ according to the construction site board. But my interest is in all the wonderful images of Old Qatar they have put on those hoardings.

The construction site hoardings in Old Doha Port showing images of old Qatar

I decided they were worth taking the time to get out of my car and document. I used my iPhone and walked around the construction site snapping all the unique images of which there are 20. It looks like there are more but they have reused images multiple times.

The original images used to create the hoardings were probably already low resolution. When blown up to this size the images do get a bit pixely. Also somebody has sat down with photoshop and colourised the water blue in the images on the boards.

Anyway here they are for your pleasure…..

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