It’s Tuesday 29th September, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers

Deal signed to set up 10 electric vehicle charging stations in Lusail City

There are currently 11 charging stations in Qatar, with plans for 30 more this year including the 10 new stations in Lusail.

Qatar Airways pact with SkyCell to support global vaccination logistic plan

Qatar Airways Cargo have signed an agreement to lease SkyCell containers. The addition of these temperature controlled hybrid containers will provide the cargo carriers customers, with a choice of a wide range of containers to transport their Pharmaceuticals across the airlines extensive global network.

More than 90% of hotels licenced by The Qatar National Tourism Council, get Qatar Clean certification.

Hamad International Airport has significantly reduced queueing times at key touchpoints, with average wait times as low as one minute 20 seconds at transfer security, and two minutes 24 seconds at arrival immigration, during certain peak periods in fiscal 2020.

Active cases of COVID-19 are now 2,888. Continuing to stay just below 3,000 where its been for over a month.

4.87% of those being tested, are testing positive.

And 9 cases in the last 24-hour period were returning travelers, that are now in quarantine.

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Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Tuesday 29th September

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In today’s newspapers, read by Brian Candy

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