Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Here’s something for anyone with knowledge of Qatar’s consumer laws.

 I’m getting on a bit now, and with my 60th Birthday getting closer and closer I’m suffering from a bit of a dicky right knee.

So I went in search of the very finest supplements available over the counter, here in Qatar, for joint care.

And I came across this… Arthri-Flex. Not cheap at almost 250 Qatar riyals, but my pharmacist recommended this having discussed my dodgy right knee with me.

I was just about to buy three months’ supply… when I noticed this…

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Now I have nothing to lose because if I’m not satisfied with the product, I can get a refund right?

Well that’s how I read it anyway.

So I asked my pharmacist if this was in fact the case.

Because my pharmacist is super helpful, she gave the supplier here in Qatar a call to clarify.

And apparently this guarantee doesn’t apply here in Qatar.


Look I decided to go ahead and buy this anyway because I do believe it’s going to help my defective right knee.

But my question is… if there is a satisfaction guarantee clearly visible on the packaging. Are suppliers here in Qatar obliged to honour them?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Have a great weekend ya all…

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