Well according to East 51, or is it 51 East (never can get that one right) it will be here at the end of June. Yes this is my dream camera with everything I’v ever wanted built in, almost as if Sony have read my mind.


Look how gorgeously small this camera is

It’s small but has a massive 1″ sensor that takes amazing high resolution, rich and detailed images comparable with DSLR’s. AND NOW!!! Drum roll…… it has a built in viewfinder that pops up. Sony say it has a:-

  • Bright and clear built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) with ZEISS T coating and high resolution OLED display

The EVF in a quality camera this small is what I have been dreaming of

I have owned the Mk 1 for over a year now. Resisted buying the Mk 2 when it came out shortly after I bought the Mk 1 because although the Mk 2 is much improved, I just couldn’t bring myself to splash that much cash again within month of buying its predecessor.

I love my RX100 and I rave about it at any opportunity I get. It literally fits in your pocket (or on a belt in my case) and goes everywhere with you. It totally removes that horrible situation where you have a great photo opportunity and no blooming camera with you. And NO! All of those who are about to argue they always have a camera with them on their phone, sit back down and keep quiet, because whilst phone cameras can grab an image, it can never (I’m sure one day I will regret saying never) reproduce the image quality of a 1″ sensor with the quality optics that the RX100 has. I have never sold an image taken on a phone, I have sold images taken on my RX100 and RX100 images taken by me are used in printed and online media on a regular basis.

I still use my big clunky DSLR when on a planned photo shoot, but I can’t take that with me everywhere I go. Well I did at one stage in my life, and I hatted lugging that heavy backpack around with me all day.

I am on 51 East’s alert list and they are going to notify me when these come into stock. I will be down there right away with my hard earned bucks to pick one of these bad boy’s up. And then I am going to write about how good it is and bore you all some more.

The above images are links from from Trust Reviews who have a very comprehensive review and video of the Mk3 which you may like to take a look at.


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