Church of Epiphany

I was invited to the Anglican Center in the religious complex in Abu Hamour yesterday. The visit was to capture some images of the wonderful interior of this impressive building.

The security in the whole Religious Complex is very tight at the moment, and the traffic is quite a challenge due the recently introduced security measures. The Anglican Center is one of the many church buildings in the Religious Complex and resides close to the equally impressive Catholic Church. There is a large car park servicing all the churches buildings. But expect a short walk in the sun as the the car park gets full very quickly, and it is a very large car park so if you are forced to park at the furthest end you are going to get a bit hot walking in.

Once inside the Anglican Center you will soon start to cool down as the building has excellent AC. Something I didn’t realise about the Anglican Center is that it is actually many churches in one building. Inside there are long corridors with what I could best describe as function rooms, all full of worshipers enjoying a service for their particular Christian faith.

As I walked past each room I took a little peak inside. The rooms were impressively well attended and all were mid service. The diversity of the dress of the various nationality’s was a colour fest for the eyes. Unfortunately I was very nervous of photographing these beautiful people just in case I caused offence, but it was so uplifting see so much happiness and joy in one place.


There are shoe racks outside each room, full to the brim with footwear. This gives a good indication of how well the Anglican Center is attended. And this is during a time of vacation and security hassles. I can imagine it being much busier at other times of the year.

It’s a lovely calm place to be, with so many smiling faces you can’t help but drink in the atmosphere.

I have to return to continue capturing more images for the church to use on their website, but I enjoyed myself so much yesterday, I would be returning even if my work was done. in fact I’m looking forward to returning there next Friday.


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