Healthy Home Made Vegetable Soup

So after a week of being a good boy and living on strictly healthy meals. Mainly vegetable soup or steamed fish and veg. I have been craving something nice.

My solution was to purchase some nice ‘Powerful Welsh Cheddar Cheese’ which I can only find in Lulu stores, and some Branston Pickle, a jar of which I could only find in Safari Mall. I don’t know why, but Branston Pickle can sometimes become very difficult to find here in Qatar. But I managed to track a jar (3 jars actually) down in Safari mall and bought the lot.

Then last night I baked a nice fresh 1/3 wholemeal and 2/3 white flour loaf of bread, and today I was all set to make the ultimate Cheese and Branston Pickle Sandwich. A sandwich I am sad to say I have been looking forward to all week with anticipation. When I say “sad to say”, what I mean is, how sad is that to be dreaming of a cheese sandwich.

I was supposed to post this blog before I left for church today, but time got the better of me and I only got this far before I had

The ingredients are laid out on the table good to go
The ingredients are laid out on the table good to go

to leg it out of the door or risk being late for the service. So truth be told whilst this post was supposed to be all about my anticipation of the ultimate cheese sandwich. Now I am actually posting about how good it was. Because I came back from church and instantly started work on creating my culinary masterpiece.

The thing is, when hungry this week, the images of my dream sandwich is what kept me going. The knowledge that it didn’t matter how hungry I was, no matter how boring my impending meal that day was going to be. I knew I had a fabulous sandwich coming my way any day soon. And that kept me on the right road and stopped me from being naughty and buying something nice when temptation was at its greatest.

And let me tell you now. It was truly well worth the wait. Proper strong cheddar, genuine Branston Pickle, fresh home baked bread and I even had a lump of top quality Kerrygold Irish butter to spread on it as well. Come on, there is no cheese sandwich like it.


The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich
The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich

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