In a country where you can expect to be BEEPING a lot while driving, and where you are going to be BEEPED by a driver three cars behind you 0.5 seconds after the signal turns green. It seems to me that we need to install PA (Public Address) systems in our cars instead of horns. And have an array of buttons with pre-recorded messages on each one. Then instead of BEEP we can express what we actually mean.

Of course the messages would be polite and calm in nature. Perhaps with a posh accent. Now what buttons would I like Hmmmm…

[Would the car behind me please restrain from beeping, I will pull out from this junction when it is safe for me to do so]

[Excuse me, but your thoughtless and discourteous driving is rather unsafe and irritating]Traffic

[If I move over for you and push into the traffic in the lane to my right, are you going to flash every single car in this lane until every single one of them makes way for you?]


[Get off your phone and drive your car properly!]

Any you can think of?


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