Elisa Astrid - 'Will I Ever' Cover Art

Video Shot in Qatar for Elisa Astrid’s new single

Watch this stunning video, and get blown away by the pure talent’s of this locally based singer, songwriter. Her new single is out now on all streaming platforms: https://ditto.fm/will-i-ever Elisa Astrid is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from Latvia, based in Qatar. Otherworldly beats, introspective lyrics and her velvety voice will take you on an…

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TENET Qatar Quick Film Review

TENET in 60 Seconds

I went to my local flik cinema to see one of this years most anticipated movies. TENET!It’s a Sci-Fi Action movie that involves time manipulation. It’s a one of a kind and doesn’t seem to borrow from anything that came before it. I have heard people compare it to ‘Inception’. Yes it has a few…

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