It’s Friday 17th of April, this is the news in 60 seconds

The Peninsula’s front page has a graph showing newly announced COVID-19 cases from April 1st to 16th.

The figures for yesterday were 392 new cases, 9 new recoveries and no new deaths reported.

The Gulf Times and Qatar Tribune join the Peninsula in reporting comments from the Co-Chair of the National Pandemic Preparedness Committee, Dr. Khal. That yesterday’s high number of confirmed cases was due to improved methods being employed to detect and track the virus.

In the Tribune – The Embassy of the Philippines has paid tribute to the inclusive COVID treatment here in Qatar. Where citizens and residents not only receive the same treatment, but also receive the treatment free of charge.

Also in the Tribune – Traffic Police are using a mascot to promote the use of masks and gloves among motorists.

And finally, in the Gulf Times, Lulu are warning against falling for scam websites, offering 500 dollar vouchers in return for you answering questions then sharing the scam with you contacts.

Read by Brian Candy

Sources @Qatar_Tribune @PeninsulaQatar @GulfTimes_Qatar

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