It’s Saturday  12th September, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers.

Blended learning plans successful says the Ministry of Education.

The blended learning framework which involves remote learning and limited attendance in school during the week, has proved successful. There’s been a limited number of COVID-19 cases identified in a few schools, which were dealt with in accordance with the established protocol and procedures. For example students were not allowed to attend classrooms where positive cases were detected. And swab tests were conducted to ensure that there were no more infected cases.

Lusail stadium the largest of the 2022 World Cup stadiums, with 80,000 seats. And is the venue where the final of the World Cup tournament will be held, will be the centrepiece of Lusail.

And when the World Cup finishes at the end of 2022, the stadium will be transformed into a community space including schools, shops, cafes, sporting facilities and health clinics.

Two more arrested for violating home quarantine rules. Proof that the authorities are detecting and dealing with people who can’t abide by a simple rules, even if it’s for a short period of time.

Active cases of COVID-19 are now 2,883

8 cases in the last 24 hour period were returning travelers, that are now in quarantine.

Of those being tested,  5 in 100 people are testing positive.

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Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Saturday 12th September

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In today’s newspapers

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