Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Sunday 6th September

Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Sunday 6th September

It’s Sunday 6th September, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers.

Demand for local talent surges amid travel restrictions

The demand for skilled local talent has surged in Qatar as companies begin to increase their operations. Following the easing of COVID restrictions.

Companies are concentrating on local hires due to the travel restrictions imposed by countries globally.

IT, hospitality, food and beverage, retail and the health sector are all witnessing a hiring spree.

And demand is expected to surge again in around another two weeks when phase 4.2 kicks in, and restrictions are relaxed even further.

No NOC for switching jobs only easy steps says the Peninsula

With the recent amendments to Qatar’s Labour laws here are some important notes if you’re thinking of changing your job.

To change employer, you must give one months’ notice if you’ve been in the job for two years or less. Two months’ notice if you’ve been in the job for more than two years, and one month notice if you’re still on probation, provided the probationary period does not exceed six months.

You will need to express your intention to change your job, through the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social affairs system.

An employer can add a non-competition clause to their contract if you have direct access to their clients or their confidential work. The term of this clause must not exceed one year, and its use must be reasonable and necessary to protect an employer’s business interests.

If you’re on probation your new employer must compensate your old employer for some of the recruitment fees. And the cost of a one-way ticket based upon an agreement between them. The amount should not exceed two months of your current basic wage.

­­Local tourism upbeat as markets reopen in Qatar

There’s been a surge in bookings for beach properties, private yachts, and resorts across Qatar. Said Rehan Ali Syed the CEO of Tawfeeq Travel Group.

Local tours and excursions like kayaking, dhow cruises and safaris are also in demand he said.

Asked about COVID-19’s impact on inbound tourism, Syed pointed out that the arrival of international tourists would be, and a quote “a bit distant” pending the opening of international borders.

However, Syed noted that cruise liners are all set to sail into Qatar as soon as they receive clearance from the Qatar National Tourism Council.

Active cases of COVID-19 are around 2,900

And of those being tested, just 5 people in 100 are testing positive.

Now then if you have any interest whatsoever in Higher Education in Qatar, you really should pop over to our bestest buddies ‘Hello Qatar’ and read their ultra-informative article on The Remarkable Rise of Higher Education in Qatar.

That’s all for today. Have a super Sunday, and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Sunday 6th September

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In today’s newspapers

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