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Al Khor town emerging fast as the tourist hub of Qatar

Al Khor has recently emerged as an ideal tourist destination in Qatar. With beautiful lush green family parks, kayaking opportunities, water sports, and a new road network. Located on the North East coast of Qatar, Al Khor will soon have a traditional souq. The new souq features a number of shops and a dedicated area for public gatherings.

Al Khor earlier known for its fishing Harbour, has undergone a total transformation in the last five years. And once it’s connected to Doha by rail, the city one of the oldest settlements in Qatar will become an attractive residential area for people working in Doha as well.

46,000 baby black-finned Sea Bream, released into Qatar’s waters.

The Fisheries Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment have released 46,000 baby black-finned Sea Bream into the waters off Qatar. This is the fifth batch to be released bringing the total to around 172,000. And releases will continue until the total reaches 200,000.

The fish weighing 5 to 10 grams each are being released to boost the countries fish stocks.

Generation Amazing and Qatar Foundation launch workshops for coaches of children and youths, with special needs.

The community engagement director at Qatar Foundation, Amy Johnson, has said “Our collective goal is to ensure that all members of society have access to high quality sports programmes. That enable them to enjoy healthy lifestyles and interact with others. By providing coaches within Qatar, with the skills needed to offer such opportunities “  

Six more arrested for violating home quarantine rules.

Active cases of COVID-19 are now 2,853

Of those being tested,  4 in 100 people are testing positive.

11 cases in the last 24 hour period were returning travelers, that are now in quarantine.

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Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Tuesday 22nd September

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In today’s newspapers, read by Brian Candy

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