Well it came and it went. Two top quality weeks with my boy and his lovely lady Maz. It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks with many fabulous memories. And a lot of those were at the Marriott Doha. Who kindly assisted us in so many ways that ensured that we didn’t just have a good time, we had an unforgettable one.

Bri & Maz @DohaMarriott

Our final day together was at the Marriott Doha Pool & Beach thanks to a great offer on Qgrabs that made the day great value as well. To be honest we would not have spent the last day at the Marriott at it’s full price. Had it not been for the Qgrabs offer we would not have considered it. But at QR 75 each, we thought it would be a decent shout. Obviously on reflection, we had such a good time, not only would we have been prepared to pay full price, we would have been more than happy to pay double. Because once again we have priceless memories.

Bri & Maz @DohaMarriott Beach

I cried at the airport watching these two disappear through security, I hate goodbyes 🙁 But we have some amazing images to look back on, and now it’s time to look forward to the next vacation. Or who know’s, maybe Bri Jnr will be working here in 2015 if I can find him a suitable job. They both want to come over to stay big style. Commence mission to find Bri a job! 


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