TBXXL is the new handle for Brian Candy

New ID, New Look graphic

I’m looking to generate new content that is not necessarily connected to Qatar. And for this I’m turning to my old handle that I used to use on forums many years ago ‘Time Bandit’. However it will come as no surprise to you that ‘Time Bandit’ as a user name is no longer available; anywhere on any platform. So I needed a new handle that incorporates the name ‘Time Bandit’ but that’s still available on social media platforms. My nickname on forums use to be ‘TB’. It was easier for people to refer to me as ‘TB’ than to keep typing ‘Time Bandit’. And so I added my shirt size to the end of that, and et voilà TBXXL is born.

Graphic of TBXXL The New Handle for Brian CAndy
TBXXL The New Handle for Brian Candy

So now I am ‘Time Bandit XXL’ or ‘TBXXL’. And this is how I am going to brand my personal content from now on.

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I have bought tbxxl.com but for the moment it simply points to a page here on Qatar Quick. And as I don’t want to spend any more money buying anything else with an annual subscription such as SSL’s for tbxxl.com it’s going to stay that way for a while until TBXXL content grows some legs.

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