What is Qi2?

Graphic showing Qi2 The New Wireless Charging Standard

If you are thinking of buying wireless charging you need to stop and look into Qi2. Because Qi2 is about to redefine wireless charging for everyone. Apple have been kind enough to allow their MagSafe technology to be incorporated into the latest Qi iteration. Meaning that Android devices can now enjoy the same benefits. Actually, it’s pronounced Chee not Qi. So we are talking about Chee 2 devices. Qi2 is easier to use, faster, and creates less heat while charging.

At present the only phone with full Qi2 capabilities is the iPhone 15, although it can be used on iPhone’s 14 and 13 at 15w full speed as well. No Android phones at present, but you will see future phones incorporating Qi2 very soon.

Also as of right now, only Anker have product on the market, but other manufactures are predicting March releases for their line ups.

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